Amalia Foods LLC

Amalia Foods LLC is a food manufacturer and distributor based in Austin, TX.

Hi! This is Amalia Litsa, the principal product developer and owner of Amalia Foods LLC.

My mission is to develop affordable vegan food and beverage options for small business owners like myself.

My flagship product is Bricco Blends, a barista grade oat milk powder that launches in the summer of 2022.

I originally developed Bricco Blends for my own coffee shop, Dear Diary Coffee. It whitens coffee beautifully and makes lovely latte foam.

I'm currently working on Hunny Bunny, a vegan honey alternative for coffee shops and restaurants. Right now we're just piloting it at Dear Diary. Stop on by and try it in a latte!

Amalia Foods LLC is licensed in Texas. For more information, you can reach me at